A strong online visual identity
is key when building trust around you business and brand

This includes a modern and engaging website as it often is the initial go-to of potential partners, clients or collaborators when they wan't to get acquainted with your brand and identity as a company.

We are your dedicated, creative and reliable web-developer when you, as a well established business, wan't to rethink- and design your companies digital presence.

Or you might be about to kick off a hopefully succesful journey as an entrepreneur, thought leader or public figure.

No matter the situation you need an engaging website that captures the essence of what is needed to be communicated to the world, a specific segment of potential buyers or a local community.

Wismondo is your developer and creative strategic partner and promises a creative proces that makes you feel continuously in the know during the fase of development of the website. We ensure this by setting up a communication-platform that makes it hassle-free for you as a client and partner to engage in the process.

1. Coffee or a good talk over the phone. We listen to understand your vision and need.

2. We match your project with proactive and highly skilled creatives, that cares about your succes.

3. Descriptive and visual mockups is produced and discussed, assessed and approved.

4. Development is initiated & finished.

5. Coffee or a good talk over the phone. We listen to your feedback and adjust details if needed.

As any other good partnership we like to start out with a fresh pour of coffee or a good talk over the phone.

To grasp your ambitions and sense the values that needs to be effectively communicated.

Don't hesitate to call, email or simply book a meeting

(free & no strings attached)

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